How can I enjoy school?

hi, I really hate school so much its unbelievable, every time I think about it I feel like crap, I dont get bullied and im quite popular but I just hate it so much, but im worried because I want to get a good job because im quite smart, but I just cant cope with staying in school, I hate every kid and teacher there, please give me posotive thoughts to help me stick it out there. xx

Answer #1

bbz skoll is boring trust me, but I regret it from this day not going a school. I got kicked out at year 8 and now im at college and trying to find a job its diffcult and I have to start all over again even know I know it

Answer #2

Think about all the millions of people who would KILL to be able to go to a school. There are billions who can’t read or write, both children and adults

So don’t go around feeling sorry for yoursel, when you are SOO EXTREMELY lucky that actually have the oppertunity to get an eduacation!!

Answer #3

I think you’re too smart for school. I feel the same. Fortunately, this is my last year at school:) What can I say, keep on hating your school, because it really deserves that;)

Answer #4

I used to hate school too but, I had to stick it out. Think about all the children who can’t aford to get an education. You can’t sit home and be bored with absolutely nothing to do. At least you aren’t sitting at home watching TV or eating all day. Just do the assignments your teachers give you and time will fly right on by! If you want to be successful and get ahead in life, school is the best place. I don’t nessisarly hate college but, I’m trying to get ahead toward my major which is majoring in special Ed. I can’t just say, I hate college when I want to be successful. I may hate studying, but, that’s life. I’d say, just stick it out and when you’re through with school, then you’ll be happier probably. You seem inteligent and you sure don’t need that to go to waste do you? So, really there is not much you can do to give up on school. Take care!!

Answer #5

Omg I know exactly how you feel apart from I love my friends and get on with my teachers! I just think if I werent at school what else would I be doing … sitting at home feeling sorry for myself and very bored!!! When your older you’ll really regret hating school and wish every minute that you were still in school getting a good education for money !!= )

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