How can i distract my parents?

There was a arranged marriage tradition in mah family. Its worn out centuries ago but... What if they decide to bring it to life? They brought it to life last decade so im a bit worried I wont marry the guy I lóve but a rich snooby brat. How would you react to this?

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I would take a stand... if it worn out, than don't bring it up till and if they do... if they do, than take a stand and tell them, they could be surprised and happy that you've taken effort in something that you really love.

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agreed with iloveyoux3
however, I doubt they'ld be too happy and may "take a stand"right back.
Depending on the country, you don'thave to go along with it, just keep that in mind.
If anything, if they do bring it up, I'ld say look for a job and move out asap so you don't have to if talking to them about it FIRST doesn't work.

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You seem to worry a lot about what could happen, especially concerning your parents. Perhaps you should quit worrying about things that probably will not happen and things that are not in your control if they do. If your parents decide to send you to a catholic school, there's not much you can do. If you parents decide they want an arranged marriage for you, that's their call. You dont have to get married. You can simply leave your home. But in the meanwhile, you're not 18 for 5 years, quit obsessing about things that could happen, and try and enjoy life.

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When you are 18 you are legally allowed to marry whoever you want and your parents cannot force a husband on you.
If you can get them to wait, then turn 18, you are free.
However, if not, you can still take a stand. There was a 10 year old indian girl I read about who was married off to a man more than 3 times her age. She fought for her rights and saved hundreds on other girls in her position. If you really do not want this to happen, then talk to your parents and explain to them that you are worried and do not want an arranged marriage.

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um I am hispanic meaning central and south american. but thank ya for advice

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