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How can I deal with my mother's boyfriend?

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My mom started dating this guy after she and my father got a divorce, and they have been dating for about 2 years now. At first he (Louis) was really nice to me, my mom was happy, and all was well. However, about 6 months ago, things began to change.
My mother started leaving directly after work to go hang out with Louis, and they would be gone for about 4 or 5 hours, sometimes more. At first it was only once in a while, now it is every day. We barely talk. I am at home by myself all day. All I have for company is my cat and the dog. All my mother says to me is "we're leaving" and then when they get back she will occasionaly say "goodnight" to me.
Louis also started making comments that were indirectly towards me. Like I turned off the air conditioner to plug something else up (electrical current is crappy there) and he just so happened to say "IT SURE IS HOT IN HERE." Acting like I didnt know he was directing it toward me. He wakes my mom up in the middle of the night if I am up at 2 or 3 p.m. alone in my room reading. If he sees the light on, he will wake my mom up, tell her that I'm up and she gets on to me for it.
Recently Louis cussed at me about how the cat shouldnt be on the furniture because he sheds. This upset me a lot because I have no control over what the cat does when I am out of the room. I left my mother's house that night and stayed at a friends house for 2 weeks. During that time, my mother kicked Louis out only to tell him he could come back if he apologized to me. and now the cat is not allowed inside anymore. I tried to talk to my mom about it but she just wants him outside now because Jeff hates cats. I have had this cat for over 4 years and he normally just goes outside for a couple of hours and comes in to eat, sleep, and hang out there.
My mom just does everything he says and is never around, when I try to get her to talk about this she accuses me of not wanting her to be happy. I told her that I miss her being around and she says I am not a child anymore, I dont need her around that much.
I am also sick of putting up with their cuddling and kissing on the couch. Also I will be sitting on the couch in the living room and they will leave to go to their room. I can hear them having sex because the door is right beside the couch and the bedroom is adjacent to the living room. I brought this up to my mom, saying that it was a little innapropriate when she knows I am in the living room. she gets mad, saying that im an adult, that stuff shouldnt bother me. Am I crazy or is something wrong here???