How Can I Cum More??

As A Guy When I Masturb8… I Cum As Normal But Is There Anyway To Get Myself To Cum More

Answer #1

more pleasurable.

Answer #2

why dou wanna cum more.

Answer #3

hey just get a hard on and then get really exited and I mean REALLY EXITED I mean I’m 14 and I cum like a table spoon full near enough everytime I cum xXx HOPE THIS HELPS XxX

Answer #4

In answering this question, I’m pre-supposing that the writer and readers of the question and answers are of the appropriate age to engage in whatever conduct is being done for the guy to shoot off, and that the situation is one that is socially appropriate as well.

I’ve heard before that 1200mg of Ultra Soy Lecithin is what guys use as something legal (okay, perhaps in porno flicks) in order to shoot off big wads of ji*zz.

Some people might be allergic to soy, or have other side-effects from taking this. As I understand it, these gel tablets are frequently taken with meals. Some claim that this product is for fat metabolism, others for neurological benefits - but, in reality, the more notable outcome, so to speak, is an increase in the volume a guy shoots out. I’ve heard that some guys take this whenever they’re with a gal with large boobs, so that they can have better coverage when decorating them. Also, have heard that this might be common if a guy is having relations with two women at the same time…

Answer #5

Yeah drink lots of water and do alot of stop and go, basically keep fucking or Jerking off until you’re about to cum then stop and wait till you can go again without having an orgasm. Do that till you can’t stand it anymore and when you cum it will be huge

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