How can i clean my system safley while pregnant?

I am pregnant and need to know how to have me and my baby clean of marijuana

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yeah just Stop doing it ,, if your not far along I'm sure that if you stop now your baby will be fine but if youv been pregnant for a long while now your baby will almost definalty have serious problems :o :( xx

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You seem to think that the baby is just another body part; unbeleivable... Like ichi said just stop. It is so stupid to use drugs when pregnant, I have to wonder what the intellegence level of the user is.

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The best way is to simply stop doing it...your body will clean itself out.

Are you far along? If so, nothing you do now will make a difference - the marijuana will still show up in your baby's system.
If you're just newly pregnant, though, just stop .

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you'd have to be either clueless or selfish to be doing marijuana while being pregnant
far along or not far along, youre baby could be seriously messed up
you should have started to get help getting off the stuff the moment you found out you were pregnant.
its people like you that should be mothers until they realise they shouldnt be on bloody marijuana when being pregnant!
let alone standard cigarettes or alcohol
sorry to be harsh but you need to think about these things

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Agreed. Stop doing it. Now. Also tell your doctor immediately so that they can do the necessary tests to detect any potential birth defects. It's better safe than sorry. I have heard that Golden Seal supplements work to clean the body of toxins but I do not know if it is safe to take while pregnant. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before trying it. You don't need to risk any possible complications.

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Don't smoke it? Pretty logic if you ask me.

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QUIT USING!!! That is the ONLY way to clear your system of THC...


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you shouldnt have even done it. poor baby!!

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dont listen to any of these idiots. you should probably stop, yes of course but you will cause no harm to your baby. you will cause harm in the matter that when you deliver and test positive, they will take your child. these people to ridicule you when they arent doctors or scientists. I've done a complete research on it. marijuana is an herb remember and has been used for medicinal purposes. they give it to cancer patients, right? so I smoked my first pregnancy until it was about time to deliver and I had time to clean out. my daughter is healthy and at an above average level in school. to be honest, I couldnt hold food down, I was nautious, and pot is the only thing that helped with that. jamaicans use pot for a remedy to help with these things during pregnancy. do your research mama. and if you do decide to stop keep in mind you should work your way off it, dont just stop you will cause stress on yourself and your baby. and to the rest of you its not your place to ridicule this woman, shes looking for help not what yall are delivering. id hate to see your parentin skillz

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You people are absolutely ridiculous, ignorant...

There is not one ... NOT ONE... study that has shown that marijuana cause any harm during pregnancy.
I am a mom of a healthy, brilliant, radiant little boy, I smoked my pregnancy.
Not to "get high," but to feel better. In no way am I saying roll a blunt every day ( the rillo is worse for you than the herb), but do your research before you attack people on a subject you obviously know nothing about.
As for the question..
Drink a lot of water. Eat cucumbers! Things that will help flush you out. Light exercise.
I am 29 weeks with my second little one, he is ahead of schedule and healthy. I am 100 % healthy. I've smoked everyday. My doctor is fully aware.
I got clean in three weeks with my first by doing what I said above.

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I have a urine test on Wednesday. How can I ride the thx from my system in 3 days?

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Yeah seriously, how do you people be so fast to pass judgment on this young lady? She is asking for advice on what she can do. She is human like everyone else and some of y'all answers didn't even make sense but were senseless and super rude. Like the other gal said, NOT ONE study has ever shown for a baby to come out with problems due to smoking. I'm due on Wednesday and I have smoked since the beginning because of being so sick and they have said my baby is just the right size and nothing has been detected as far as any deformalities. Plus I'm a nurse and let me tell you how many young women I have dealt with who's children have came out perfect and they smoked. You guys are not perfect and I would hate to see what kind of lives you all live, must be pretty miserable to even think on the level that you are thinking. To answer the young lady who asked the original question, you can also drink water with white vinegar and that will clean you out. 1 cup
Of white vinegar and lots of water but don't listen to these dumb asses about hurting your baby. Best of luck to you baby girl

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