how can I change some of my appearance with strict parents?

I need some help with something im 13 years old and I want to change some of my appearnce I would like a lip peircing but thats kindah out of the question. I have long brown hair and a long fringe but I want to cut my hair a bit shorter and maybe dye it. my parents wont let me cut my hair and I dont want to go to a hair dresser becuse they always do it wrong. dont say about doing chores and stuff becuse that never works. is there any way I can persuade my parents to let me change my hair?

Answer #1

tell them you have split ends? haha. as far as dying, wait for summer before even attempting to ask. my mom is a hair dresser and she only dyed my hair the first time (neon orange might I add :3 ) because I asked her the first week of summer break, and she knew my hair would grow back and fade out before class let back in.

or make them a bet. something like ‘I’ll bet I can clean the entire house in 2 days. if I win, I can do anything I want to my hair’ then take a weekend, and just clean EVERYTHING. this worked for getting my cartilage pierced the third time. haha.

Answer #2

just do it and take out the piecing at home and get a wig that looks like your hair now

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