how can I change my fashion sense/ style?

Well I’ve had the same style for a long time… kinda preppy/ athletic/ girly but always comftable. I’m 13, I have light brown/ dirty blonde hair. maybe a hair change too, to go with the styleee

Answer #1

Never dress in clothes just because their in style. Look up your body shape and face shape and take into consideration what is recommended for you to wear as a personal style. You will still get very trendy styles just personalized for you:)

Answer #2

Umm you could die you hair chocolate brown and as for your stlye umm check out delia’s or forever21 they have cute stuff

Answer #3

Well how about you look at different stores and see which of the clothes you like. They have cute clothes like at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. You can look there or look online. And you can look up different hairstyles and see which ones you like. You can also choose a celebrity whos style or hair you like and get inspiration from them.

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