How can I be the perfect girlfriend?


Answer #1

Theres no such thing as perfect. But I know guys like a girl that is herself, real, that doesn’t pretend to be someone shes not. I think thats really important because there are so many fake people in this world.

Answer #2

all men are different as to what they want in a girl, I personally require that you be mildly good looking(which your picture surpasses by far) I require the ability to be serious and humorous at free will, I require that you be able to laugh(dont be depressed all the time) and I require most that you speak your feelings to me, let me know when things arent going well and how I can help, let me fight some of your battles, dont hide them from me.

well that seemed kinda odd, dont worry im taken I promise.

Answer #3

no such thing thea just be yourself and I know he’ll fall in love wit u

Answer #4

you can’t be perfect but be nice to him and understand him!

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