How can I be smarter and increase my memorizing skills ?

How can I be smarter and increase my memorizing skills ?

Answer #1

Flash cards! Gradual learning helps with memory since it’s always fresh in your mind, more or less. Generating a genuine interest in the material also really helps.

I think there are some foods that also help memory, but I don’t want to give false information. It might’ve been ginseng or Omega-3/5, or both.

Answer #2
  1. Make up little songs or phrases to help with memory
  2. Study
  3. Pick out the most importent things leave the rest out so you have less to memorize
  4. write neat so you can read it
  5. Take your time

Hope I helped :)

Answer #3

play simon the handheld game it works I promise I played it and I kept getting better and better I finally got to round like fifty

Answer #4

The brain is like a muscle. When you learn new skills or information it becomes easier to learn because your brain has more hooks to hang new information on. Also like a muscle whatever you don’t use goes away. If you want to be smarter read challenging books, interact with intelligent people, and think outside the box.

The best way to memorize is with neumonic devices. There are a number of good books that teach how to do this. When I was in college I read Jerry Lucas’ memory book and it hellped me a lot for classes like history where you have to memorize a large number of dates and facts.

Answer #5

Reading and flash cards help. You know the game where you have to flip the cards over and try to find the other matching card? (Can’t remember the name!) That is a great way to help with memorizing skills. I’m not sure if you have a Nintendo DS or not, but if you do, there are several great games like My Word Coach, Big Brain Academy, and several others. I have played My Spanish Coach for languages and I personally think it’s a great game. I know a lot of Spanish that I didn’t learn from Dora the Explorer when I was little. :)

You also need a healthy balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, and calcium. I know you’re very paranoid about your weight, but actually eating a little more won’t hurt you and you’ll have a better memory so you can learn more. :) Good luck!

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