How can I be more socialble?

Hey im a freshmen in high school and im somewhat shy I mean I have a lot of friends but not ones I would be like HEY and give them a hug. But I really want to meet boys as friends NOT LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP or anything just a cool guy friend to give a hug every now and then and talk to as a friend. Nothing more.

Like how should I introduce myself.?

Answer #1

just be all random about it and be like “HEY! im _ ,what classes do you have? do you think maybe you might wanna chill one night,…movies oe mall something in that! not as a date just to chill and hang! :)

be really out going and random and crazy! I know you can do it! funmail me if you would like! hope I helped!


Answer #2

is there a reason this question has been posted so many times? Geez.

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