how can I be "more" aggressive?

im a pretty mellow person and im only aggessive when im on the football feild. how can I be more aggressive towards people without being a total asshole?

Answer #1

Don’t be aggressive with EVERYONE. Just learn to handle/take up for yourself. Be blunt/straight forward. People like honesty. Don’t let people mess with your friends/people you care about either. If they’re being put down - stand up for them. Don’t let them be pushed around. Always make sure you have a reason for your aggression or else you probably WILL be considered a jacka*s.

Answer #2

Why on earth would anyone want to be more aggressive. Sorry, but you cannot accomplish that without being a complete a**.

You can, however, be more assertive. It starts with simply being able to say no.

Answer #3

WHy do you need to be more aggressive? I dont think you should become more aggrassive..

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