How can I avoid my annoying best friend?

This question really should be in a friendships section but there isn’t one so here we are. I didn’t come to this site to be made fun of or stuff like that. I came here for advice on my trainwreck of a life. If you can help me it is very much appreciated…

Ok so I am at high school and I’m 14. I have been in the same class as my annoying best friend since the beggining. My other vest friend moved up classes to a smarter one at the end of our first year at high school. Ever since then my best friend (we’ll call him James) hasstarted to be a pain in the ass. Yesterday just after Easter break, he full on slapped me across the face and I had a ringing in my ear for ages. I much prefer my other best friend (we’ll call him Alex) who moved out of our set just after our first year, because he is so much nicer to me and we have been in a band for a while.

Anyways the thing I’m annoyed about is that my ex girlfriend (were still really close) had apparently been talking to him and he sed he was upset because I was ditching him at school. So she told me this on a social site in a mail and said that he was a friend that didn’t come around often.

Also I have recently been seeing one of mates that hangs out in a different area of the school and have been spending some more time with him which I think is what he means by me ditching him.

So my question is how can I deal with this/avoid my annoying ‘best friend’

Answer #1

First off, i wouldn’t call him your best friend since you don’t seem to like him much nor share much in common with him. So let’s just say he is your friend, someone you know and once were close with. You don’t have to feel guilty about your feelings especially if he is being rude and annoying. The best thing to do is not to respond to his taunting. be respectful (like say hello and be polite) but don’t be too friendly (don’t go out of your way to talk to him or ask about his life). Continue hanging out with poeple you like and make new friends. There is nothing wrong with choosing to hang out with poeple that are nice to you and that are fun to be with. Last but not least, if you still want to give him a chance then tell him about what your ex-girlfriend said and explain to him that you’ve been distant because you don’t like the way he treats you (like slapping your face). Be honest and direct and see what he has to say for himself.

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