How can I ask her out In a cute way?

Okay so me and this girl have been talking for a month and a half or so. It’s obvious we like each other. We always give each other little kisses and cute stuff.
And I want to ask her to be my girlfriend, But I want to do it In a really cute way. Any ideas or suggestions?

Answer #1

you should do it somewhere really preety/nice… ask her friends what are some of her favorite things/ places and use those things to help you along…like mabey take a walk on the beach with her and do it there?

hope this helped

Answer #2

roses, I know they are cliche but trust me they work. What I did once to ask a girl to a dance was remove a message from a fourtune cookie and then replace it with letters spelling out what you want to say, or if your feeling lazy just one message in one cookie

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