How can I get bigger breasts?

how can i get bigger breasts?

Answer #1

Okay, having giant boobs isnt fun. you get back problems. my friend’s mom had to get them REDUCED because her back and everything was so bad. not cool. >_<

Answer #2

ya, i’m 14 and its not all that great. you may think that it would be nice but they turn out to be a royal pain and i feel weird around my friends who aren’t developing. you don’t want to make yours bigger. just let nature take its role in your life and don’t rush it. you are perfect the way god made you.

Answer #3

There is no way to increase breast size NATURALLY. You can get implants, but I wouldn’t go for It. It’s not all It’s cracked up to be; I’m 13 and a WOMENS 34 C!!! It’s not that fun!!!

Answer #4

ok…take it from a girl that is blessed with breasts. i always wanted them and i think i was a sophmore in high school when i finally got them, but anyways, don’t wear sports bras too much. i’ve seen girls that have worn them for years and they never grew. but when u need to, do it. but the more support they have, the firmer they get. also, i don’t know if it will make them bigger but when i started exercising, it actually boosted them up some. there are also great bras at victoria secret to invest in. they push up what little you do have. and it’s all about the shirts you wear. Don’t wear anything skin tight but a little snug in the breasts make it look good. i find that button up tops are great for that, even when completely buttoned to the top!

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Answer #6

get pregnant. hahaha, jk. PADDED BRA. get fat. :]

Answer #7

and if they dont get bigger in a few years theres always those pills or cremes

Answer #8

Very Good Point randyo!

Answer #9

You’re 17, I don’t think you’re done growing yet.

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