How can I speed up my period?

how can I speed up my period

Answer #1

Kid, I’ve read all of your questions and I must say you are one messed-up girl. For one who has yet to start her period, you sure are thinking about highly inappropriate things.

Answer #2

Hiya LittleGirl I no how you feel I realy want to start my period an im 13 x

Answer #3

I’m 13, and I started mine when I was 10. WHY on earth do you want to speed it up? I wish that I wouldn’t have gotten mine till I’m about 16. and like aussie said, it comes at annoying times. I started wednesday, and suppoused to be going out of town this weekend and to a waterpark. and I know there’s no way I’ll be off by that time. Just let it take its time, and it will come when it’s time. :)

Answer #4

thanks sue i really want to i dont no y i just do i wonder if you could answer any of my other questions?

Answer #5

Dear littlegirl, Hi, There is nothing you can do to speed it up…from your previous post you haven’t started your periods at all yet. You are still young and some don’t get theirs till they are 15, 16. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong but again…if you are concerned go see a doctor. They will explain to you that everyone of us gals has a different clock ticking inside of us. I wish you weren’t in such a hurry to get your period…once you do you’ll wish you didn’t. Then you wait another 50 years for them to stop LOL. Sue…good luck

Answer #6

I have to say I agree with the other posts! WHY THE HELL do you want the evil visitor??? I got mine when I was 13 and I am now 26 and I dread every time it comes! Enjoy being young because you will dread the visit of it once it does start and you will not get rid of it until you are 50+!

Answer #7

I remember being young and feeling like if I got my period I;d be more mature and older, but thats not how it works at all. Your body should start when its ready, it usually happens anytime between 10-17, so don’t worry. But just as Aussie said it has a lot of different side effects, from heightened mood swings, to painful cramps, ridiculous bloating, and for a lot of women getting sick. Personally, I get highly emotional and cry everyday for about a week before and then when I start I get really painful cramps for the first day or two. When I first started, those cramps were so painful that they caused me to get sick. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to speed it up nor is there a way to stop it, unless you regulate it with birth control pills, and for the record your period will not make you more mature. I myself feel that I act more immature on my period than I regularly do and my body didn’t mature until 2 or 3 years after I received my period. So just be patient and if you are really that worried, just go to your doctor.

Answer #8

Why would you want to start your period?? I am 19 and its not very fun to have. It often comes at annoying moments, such as when you are about to travel, or when you have some important date coming up. Also, depending on various life style differences, a womans period can have weird and painful side-effects. Personally, I get tired, tired, tired! I’m in college and whenever my period rolls around all I want to do is sleep and skip classes. I also get really emotional - like I cry a lot, or whine to my boyfriend for no reason. My roommate, however, gets really grouchy and mean. One of my other friends gets really sick and starts throwing-up. It all depends. So take your time and enjoy being young! Don’t worry about things that will come in due time.

Answer #9

trust me, you definately dont want your period. honestly, I started mine when I was 11 so yes, I suppose I was a little early. but damn I would kill to not have mine. im one of those girls who’s patience go down the drain when I have my period. and like having it at school. its awkward cause you have to go to the washroom and conceal the pad so the guys dont freak. and then your totally worried about an over-flow. honestly, enjoy your time before you get it. cause once you do you wish you didnt want it sooner

Answer #10

your just a kid! Enjoy your childhood!! I got my periods three months ago and it seriously sucks!! I hate to hve it cox it comes at the wrong time!! At times that im gonna enjoy but when it comes I hve to keep thinking bout it all the time!! I wish I could be you rite now!! your really lucky! you shuld know that!! I was hoping I wouldnt get it this year and I got it and im only 11!! It sucks you know!! :( your soo lucky not to hve it!! I would trade everything to be u!! ;)

Answer #11

I like most of you think that its stupid to want mother nature to make the monthly visit’s I my self have just turned 18 and have just started and im meant to be going out on new years and im not gonna be off by that time and I wish I would be believe me hun its not a nice thing to have the side effects of them can be very bad I my self get severe cramps to the point that I can’t move and I also become seriously anemic so just enjoy the time that you have where you don’t have to worry about it go be carefree

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