How can I not look tired when I wake up?

How can I not look tired when I wake up?

Answer #1

take a showe rand put on makeup. ha I do it. and I feel tired but I don’t look like it! lolz

Answer #2

When you get up in the morning go 2 the bathroom and maybe use a clean and clear product and then to get it off slash water on your face 2 wake you up a little more and then pat dry!

Answer #3

Wash your face every morning and every night before bed, and if you’re getting bags under your eyes, put spoons in the freezer and then hold them under your eyes for about 5 minutes.

Answer #4

Wash your face with cold water and a face wash that will NOT BURN, BUT will give you a refreshing sensation. And put foundation under your eyelids. And a white eyeliner or bright eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes.

Answer #5

well when you get up in the mornig then wash your face really good or you can do face exercises to loosen your face up a bit

Answer #6

~ use morning burst ny clean and clear ~ and use some cover up for undereys circles ~ go to bed earlyish

Answer #7

Wash your face

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