How Can court order pension garnishment for settlement?

My question is: Can court order pension garnishment for settlement money which person owes to previous spouse? We live in Connecticut. Thank you very much for your reply.

My ex-husband refuses for more than 4 years to pay divorce settlement to me despite all court orders. He has hidden all money and now the only way to get anything from him is to do garnishment of his pension. Previous judge ordered some pension garnishment (very small because at that time my ex was not present because he was in hiding) and this small amount should be garnished from the next month. But in that rate he would have to pay for 40 years. Present judge ordered him to pay weekly bigger amount by the check but he is again not paying anything. I have asked this judge to do his payment in the form of pension garnishment but he told me that he cannot garnish his pension. My ex is extremely manipulative and he has been in contempt of the court from very beginning. I am at the end of my options. I gave him all my money for my retirement which I was suppose to get back in the form of settlement but he is successfully avoiding any payments. As I see it, the only option is pension garnishment (he has pension + SS income around $2,500) but judge thinks that he cannot do it. Why one judge could order it and another one cannot? I know that court can order pension garnishment for child support and/or alimony.

Answer #1

Pension is garnishment exempt. But if the person is depositing the money into a bank account with other money you can garnish the money from his account. The Judge is correct you cannot garnish a pension as long as its in a bank account and only his pension money is going into that account.

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