how can be a super star like Miley?

how can be a super star like Miley?

Answer #1

she was once just a normal girl like you then she had people manufacture her in to somebody that isnt even her. Her hair, her clothes- everything, its like shes pretend. If you want to be like her you have to be wiling to totally change your personality and pretend to be something you’re not eg. be fake! then your just about there

Answer #2

Y would you want 2 be like her?shes a stupid redneck!

Answer #3

trust me you dont want 2 be like miley she is such a slut and needs to stay away from the fake and bake

Answer #4

fall asleep and dream…

Answer #5

Why does everybody hate her??? Oh and gwenyth’s answer was sooo funny… and usefull Fall asleep and dream :D

Answer #6

what ever if you ever come famous and meat her tell her I said go crawl under a rock she sings like an eleafant taking a crap

Answer #7

well she became famous be because her dad thats the main reson because the producer wanted billy ray also .. as a good comeback country

&& plus why her why not selena gomez or something

&& well listen 2 radio && listen 4 addutions && well keep up with news 2day trust I hear on my radio how 2 b famous I was goign 2 go but I needed 2 also go 2 saschool

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