how can a person truly know

how can a girl truly know if a man likes her or not ?

Answer #1

Tbh , You can never truley tell , You can only guess x If he acts like an idiot around you , Hes trying to impress you , Or hes just being an idiot :L. When hes chatting up other girls, Hes trying to see weather youl get jelous or not, Or hes just chatting up girls.

  ^ You can never truely tell ,  You juus haav to look for something that can catch him out, Like " When hes chatting up giirls , Stand at an angle and chat to someone else, infront of you , But have them stand somewhere , where you can see them and the boy,  And try not to make it obvious, But if he looks over a lot. Hes looking to see weather your jelous or not . (Which means hes clearly into you"!)


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