how can a banned ip address be changed?

my friend has been banned from a web site by making the computer and isp unable to log on. That computer can no longer log on from any connection now as well as the isp from the house my question is is there any way to change the ip address in the computer if that is what it is or is that impossible? also do you need a and ew isp or just a new router thank you

Answer #1

you cant change the ip in the computer but you can hide it via the browser with proxy..

both firefox and internet explorer have the feature to let you do this:

its been years since I’ve used IE and cant remember where the settings are but for FF…

tools - options - advanced - network - settings

or you can just use sites alike this:

all you do is add the url of the site and that/them sites will hide your IP address for you..

I only use proxy when youtube wont let me view a video unless im in america…

my ISP (virgin) gives me a static IP be default but they do assign me a different 1 every now and then…

but listen to what jeremy said: if your banned from a site and you go back you are trespassing ;)

I use nukesentinel on all my sites and I have the option of banning the use of proxy but I keep it disabled… why? because some people legitimately want their privacy :)

Answer #2

You’d need a new ISP…however the site in question may press charges, if they banned you that way.

AND, many sites (like ours) ban several different things, etc…so simply changing the IP address wouldn’t get around the block.

Answer #3

I think this app will work for you. In fact, I have got unbanned with it for many times.

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