How are ebooks better and easier to read than regular ones?

I think I’ve read about 30-50 so far since I got a kindle last summer. After getting used to it, I think that ebooks are better than regular books as my fingers don’t get all dry from flipping pages, it stores my page so I don’t have to crease the book (or find a bookmark, which I always lose).

Have you switched to ebooks yet, if so, what do you think is better about them?

Answer #1


  • You do need a good monitor that won’t make your eyes tired. Expensive.
  • You need a power source/ loaded battery to read. You can’t read with a candle during a blackout.
  • You can’t read in the bathtub.
  • You can’t make notes in an E-book.
  • E-books are hard to pack into present boxes.
  • You can’t press flowers with e-books.
  • E-books are hard to borrow
  • You need to think about back-ups.
  • You don’t look as intellectual when reading an E-book as you look when reading the paperbook..
  • You can’t smite bugs with an E-Book.
  • On a photo with your real-book library in the background, you look so important.
  • You can’t impress guests in your home with weird E-book files. You can impress people with a shelf full of (unread, antiquariate) Arthur Schopenhauer, Siegmund Freud and Immanuel Kant philosophy books .
  • You can’t give an E-book to your gandma.

E-book advantages: -You can’t lose your bookmark.

  • You don’t need a shelf for your library.
  • You can - in fact - take the entire library to vacation.
  • You can pirate copy an E-book.
  • You look 1337 when reading an E-book.
Answer #2

I have switched to ebooks, and have only one complaint. cheap ebooks are overly bright, and cause retinal/eye pain when stared at continuously. other than that, brilliant peices of technology

Answer #3

I haven’t switched over completely, but I have read a lot of ebooks. For me, I find it easier to focus when reading on the computer. If I’m sitting in more comfortable spots, like the couch, I usually get distracted quickly by surroundings. I also like not needing a bookmark. That’s always a positive!

Answer #4

I haven’t switched yet, but I sooo want a Kindle! Reading is on of my favorite pastimes and pretty much the only hobby I have, not counting FA. :)

I guess there would be a lot of benefits from what I’ve learned about them. You can get a new release almost instantly from home without having to go to the book store and the digital copy is a lot cheaper than a hardback. Plus, like you said, you don’t have to fold the pages over or use a bookmark and you can have a bunch of books in one thin device instead of lugging around an entire library in a suitcase. To me, the only drawbacks would be if it was dead and I really needed to read something and of course I’d miss the smell of the paper pages. Yeah, I’m weird. ;)

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