How to have anal sex, i couldn't get it to go in?

Ok, We Decided To Try Giving My Girl Anal Cause She Asked And We Tried And I Was Hard But... It Couldnt Go In. Was I Doing Something Wrong Or Was Her Hole To Small?? I Dont Know But She Really Wants It And I Dunno What To Do. Help Me Please.

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Do not use force.
Lubrication and foreplay is the thing here. Start with a finger, then two fingers. And all the time you've got to have your girl relax, You also want this to be as clean as possible, and the best way to do this is with an enema. It may sound drastic, but many people use this as a foreplay and preparation for the anal sex. If you go to a online store or whatever, you can buy these pumps you fill with luke warm water and have her wash herself inside. And if you're going to go from her butt and then in her vagina, you must use a condom when you're having anal sex, and change condom when you're going into her vag again. This is to prevent disease.

Of course you dont HAVE to use the enema, but in any case it's not a good idea to have anal sex 3-4-5 hours after a huge meal.

Anal sex can be very good for both you and your girl, if you are serious, and don't use any force. If you do, you can end up hurting your girl, and yourself.

Babyoil is a greate lube, and you also get different stuff from sexshops.

Just remember: Have Fun!

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umm first off you have to actually put force in to it considering that hole doesnt exspand as much as the other hole
I gotta stop saying hole before I cant breathe from laughing

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the sphincter can stretch upto 4 inches :p

loads of lube mate and spit wont do it ;)

get some propa anal lube that doesnt dryout quick like vaseline does

massage her arse with your finger / use her juice to lubricate enough to insert a finger to get her used to it / plenty of proppa anal lube on your penis and gently insert

but remeber do not go in 2 far... start with 1/2 inch and continually talk to her asking if she wants more... if she does add another 1/2 inch etc etc

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well if she never tried it then its tight thats why it is not going in...try putting lotion on it or baby oil!

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LUBE AND LOTS OF IT!!! and be gentel. You dont wanna force it.

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