How am I supposed to react when a teacher dies?

One of my teachers died today and I don’t know how to react. We weren’t really close or anything but she was my teacher. I’m just really confused. I wish someone would tell me how to feel. That’s not what I’m looking for but could anyone help me out.

Answer #1

if the teacher has family you should at least send them a card thanking them for everything the teacher has done for you, and if you feel obligated go to the funeral, it will at least make you feel better.

Answer #2

who cares if your teacher died if you dont feel anything then thats how you feel, I had my art teacher die when I was in school I was not close to her or anything but people die its just part of life your not a bad person for not feeling sorry or bad or anything, no1 can tell you how to feel you always feel something, you just dont know what it is try to figure it out, im guessing you feel kind of bad but what can you really do?

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