how 2 look older by wearing make up...

what are some ways that I can look older just by wearing make up??!!

Answer #1

Corneliusfeline is correct on this one. Just putting “loads” of eyeliner on does NOT make you look older, if anything it makes you look younger like you’re experimenting with makeup for the first time. But one thing no one mentioned was blush, it works wonderfully to give you a more mature look, just be careful, it is very easy to use too much!

Answer #2

well you can use concealer and cover your blemishes with it( if you have any) yoe should use loads of eyeliner but don’t try to look emo!! but don’t try ro hard really!! I bet you look pretty with ou all the make up!

Answer #3

Don’t listen to em. Eyeliner makes you look like a barely-pubescent girl who just discovered the makeup isle at Rite Aid. Most people over the age of 21’ll think you’re a fool. Opt for a more grown up look: concealer, LIGHT foundation, a little mascara (preferably one that matches your eyelashes) on both top&bottom, a shiny gloss or lip completes the look. Just look after yourself more. Hair, the way you dress, confidence. There’s no magic-makeup to give you Joan River lines, although why you want to is beyond me.

Answer #4

Put eyeliner on the top&botom It works for me :)

Answer #5

Less is more

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