How do you think the world is gunna change?

How do you think the world is gunna change?

From slaves to this From Horses to cars From letters to cellphones

So how else do you think the world is gunna change?

Answer #1

It will end up changing from cars on ground to cars in the air! I hope the things we love in life all stay the same.

Answer #2

“from slaves to this”
Excuse me???

Answer #3

cell phones to embedded brain chips.

Answer #4

Wars wars wars.

Answer #5

From people to robots …someday, you watch!

Answer #6

According to the word of God, there isn’t too much more that has to happen. (We’ve just about messed up everything He gave us) He’s coming back. Many people don’t believe He was here. But ythe same one is coming again. The last thing that needs to happen is peace in Israel. Then it says the only ones that will survive are His. (The ones that have accepted Jesus as their savior). It’s not a joke at all. If you read Mathew 13 and there are other references to this but God is allowing the just and the unjust to live the same. (He refers to them as wheat and tares or weeds) He is going to sifts us. The ones who have not done one small request, to ask the spirit of God into our lives by asking Jesus in and asking for forgiveness of our sins– well they will be sifted out. The bible talks about horrible things happening in the end times. BUT, it shall not come near your dwelling. You will look to the right and the left and see the reward of the wicked. READ PSALM 91 It is great. The word of God comes alive withHis spirit when you accept the spirit. Just say: Jesus I am a sinner. I know you died on the cross for my sins. You paid the debt for me. Please come into my heart and help me live. He is a gentlemen and will never make you do anything you don’t want. He is love, peace, a help and if you said the prayer you won’t be sifted and discarded. Without the spirit of God we can’t be in touch with His spirit. God Bless You

Answer #7

I think our tv’s are definetley going to change like I went to visist one of my very high tech friend’s and he doesnt have a tv he just has a huge white screen thingy like at the movies and thats his tv like he watches mtv in it and stuff so I think soon we are all going to have that in our houses.

&& about the letters I write a lot more letters over texting to my friends && pen pals oh && my boyfriend he write me love letters to which I think is cute ;so big thumbs up for keeping that alive :)

Answer #8

planes to teleportation devices!!! naw, jk fat chance of that… or maybe not so fat…

Answer #9

thats impossible to know..but I say we will have moving tattoos and shirts with tvs on them

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