Who are the hottest female athletes, celebrities, and reality TV stars?

As of this year 2012 what female athletes, celebs,musicians,models will be the most talked about in 2012? Like who will get the most attention? If its women’s tennis,summer Olympics 2012 in London,softball players,up and coming celebs that will shine this year in music and films?

Answer #1

Kate Beckinsale o_o

Answer #2

Well I dunno how to answer any of those questions cause I’m not a future teller person but..In my opinion Katy Perry is theee most beautiful/sexy woman alive o_o

Answer #3

Every question you ask is about celebrities. Celebrities are so over rated and they are nothing special.

Answer #4

Who cares if they are all about celebrities..?

Answer #5

Who cares if they are all about celebrities..?

Answer #6

I dont think she will get the most attention but I think Zooey Deschanel is the best. But for the most attention Id say Katy Perry too.

Answer #7

Hottest female athlete? I’d say pole vaulter Allison Stokke. Tennis player Maria Sharapova it amazingly hot as well.

Answer #8

Well they (celebrities) obviously are either 1) pretty 2) talented or 3) rich, so, actually….I might call them just a teesny bit Special

Answer #9

I ❤ Maria Sharapova. ツ Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch & the two chics from Twilight - Victoria & Alice.

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