Are hotdogs good or bad for you?

Answer #1

Hotdogs are kinda junky foods…like burgers and fries…they fall into the junky food catagorie so ill say bad for you…=)…once in a while is okay though ;)

Answer #2

They’re kinda nuetral. They’re not near as good for you as fish or chicken, but better than a burger or a slab of pork. It has relatively low protien levels compared to the rest of the meat world though, so it may leave you hungier than the rest.

P.S. Fish and chicken are super high in protein and have nearly no carbs or fat. They are very very good for you.

Answer #3

Hot dogs are horrible for you. They have lots of fat, sodium, nitrates. Nitrates are used to preserve food and to enhance flavor, as well, they are cancerous.

Answer #4

For most people no. Hotdogs on white buns have quite a bit of fat, sodium, and refined flour; all things that most people already get too much of. Most people don’t eat enough whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. Since hotdogs crowd healthier items out of our diets they are not good for us. For someone who otherwise eats a healthy diet an occasional hotdog isn’t so bad but people who eat mostly hotdogs, hamburgers, greasy pizza and tacos, etc. they just add to the problem.

Answer #5

I thought they were at least a little good for you/: I regret eating one now!

Answer #6

Hot dogs are not good for you at all! There made out of all the left over stuff.

Answer #7

i dont think so. but if you knew what they were made from you souldn’t eat them :)

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