Does Hot Topic have decent prices?

Is it a trendy store? I used to shop at a store in Chicago called The Alley and I shop on-line at angry, young, and poor. Does anyone know if Hot Topic is similar to these stores. I know its odd that I never stepped into a Hot Topic. I just assumed it was like Spencers and I don’t dig Spencers. I’m going near the mall where its located in about 2 hours to pick up my husbands computer so I hope someone answers before I waste my time stopping at the mall.

Answer #1

Its similar to those stores but the prices can be pretty high. I only buy things on clearance or their jewelry. A pair of jeans runs about $70 there and shirts are usually $30-40 i know thats cheap to some people, but to me you can find those same clothes or similar at other stores for cheaper. They have awesome jewelry, makeup, and accesories though. I also get alot of my sons clothes from the online toddler section, you can find really good deals on their online store…hey always have like 20 pages of clearance items.

Answer #2

Hot Topic is an AMAZING store in my opinion. I absolutely love all of their items, and I would buy it all if I could.

I wouldn’t say it’s like spencers because spencers mainly has sexual things, pranks, strobe lights, black lights, with a small selection of clothes (mainly T-shirts), etc….

Hot Topic is mainly clothes. Band T-shirts, skinny jeans, trip pants, converses, and basically any type of clothes that someone may consider punk, gothic, or scene. They even have “costumes”. They have make up, body jewelry, hair extensions…and much more!

Check out their website, you can see what all they have, and their prices! When they have things on sale, their prices can be decent. I bought a Slipknot hoodie from their on sale for $30. :)

Answer #3

Just copy and paste that link into your address bar. :)

Answer #4

I didnt like the store. It was too trendy.

Answer #5

Yeah, I’ve gotten band tees there for like 20$. The clearance is AWESOME. I almost always get stuff from that section (:

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