What kind of food is a "hot pocket"?

Answer #1

It’s a stuffed sandwich that you buy frozen, and you microwave it :) I love them, even though they’re really unhealthy!

Answer #2

okiess, thank you! :)

Answer #3

These. & they are absolutely disgusting

Answer #4

O_O euw..

Answer #5

Exactly. >_<

Answer #6

Thats not the kind i talking about! http://funadvice.com/r/15n9vkuekkb Thats what i meant. :P

Answer #7

thats still euw.. :L

Answer #8

dont judge till you try it :) twiddlemuffin has anti-hotpocket tastebuds.

Answer #9

A hot pocket is a breakfast/lunch sandwich. You can get many different kinds.

Answer #10

Hot pockets is another word for pizza . But it’s all raped up and stuffed with pepperoni ,cheese , ham, ……. So on ;);) thier really good ;);)

Answer #11

Long ago Cornish miners would take meat and potatoes wrapped and baked in pastry into mines as a portable lunch that did not require utensils. Some of the fancier ones pinched off a savory area with meat and potatoes and a sweet area for dessert. These were called pasties (past-eez). They are still sold in a few place (Northern Michigan esp). Not Pockets are a modern variation on pasties and popular for the same reasons, portable and edible without utensils.

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