Horse riding while on your period

I’m going Horse Riding on Saturday and I might be on my Period. I was wondering if it would be better to use Pads or a tampon? I have never used a tampon before so would it be bad to first use it then? Also do you bleed more while horse riding?

Answer #1

That’s right, pads will be a lot messier, I would use a tampon. If you don’t know how to use one then you could ask a friend, older sister, preferably a female that you are comfortable talking with about it. You won’t feel anything really if you put it in right! GOod Luck!


Answer #2

Ok tampons can be mega uncomfortable while riding! They tend to slip down out of place and rub against your opening. I always use them though and I just change them right before I ride so they won’t move around as much.

Answer #3

Tampons are best. I use either when I ride my horse though.

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