What should I do if my horse, Jordynn gets pregnant and gives birth?

Just wondering incase she gets pregnant. I’m only 14 and I want to do this by myself.

Answer #1

let her have the baby and keep it or sale it..its you’re choice.

Answer #2

You want to do this by yourself? You mean, you want to help you horse give birth by yourself? If that is the case, that is not very smart. You are only 14, and you are not trained to do this. If you horse gets pregnant, and she is about to give birth, it needs to be a professional assisting with the birth. If not a professional, at least an adult who knows something about it. Not some 14 year old girl who has no experience in this, or any knowledge about it.

Answer #3

i agree..i didnt see the “ i want to do this by myself” part

Answer #4

at last have pro. when it happens

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