Horny people?

Why do some people have the need to tell everyone they’re horny? Lmfaooo

Answer #1

because its sexyy and guys love it when girls are horny ohhh yesss ino a lot of people who are horny but sexy and its hott it makes the buys druell for sommee like sometimes guys thunk im horny but im not im just really sexyy

Answer #2

It is actually a fun advice site and posting statements such as ‘I am horny’ are not the sort of things we welcome on here.

It is not a dating site.

Answer #3

1 reason would be to tell some girl your in need of cough satisfaction… or you just like telling people that LoL

Answer #4

LMFAO!!! okaaay then…

Answer #5

I think you will find that the question has now been removed.


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