How do i know if i am horny

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when you really feel like puttin' something in your v*gin*. LOL


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oh, and you can kind of get a throbbing sensation in your...female area

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Your a girl so:

Increased Blood Flow (red in the face)
Wetness in your girly parts
Hard Nipples
Pupils Dialate
Might start biting or wetting your lips
Fiddiling with jewelry or hair
Shortness of Breath

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what DO YOU MEAN???!!! you just know, you feel, excited I guess. it's hard to if you watch a guy you think it cute (or on tv) take off his shirt. you'll know. You feel happy in a way you can't understand, lol.

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Ummm lol if you feel a funny sensation down there,and its kinda like tingely and stuff lol and also if maybe your wet then you'll no your horny!

does slapping a girls but make her horny

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