homo to straight ?

hi, I’m 20yr m from India.When I was doing my scholling I started masterbuation with one my friend and later we started having sex(homo), now he moved to someother city but still I’m unable to leave the bloody thing and searching for someone to do sex and infact I found a lot of friends like me but now I really wanna come out of this homosex and wanna be a straight guy ? Can anyone help me out with this.

Answer #1

get a girlfriend and when you have sex, hopefully you change

Answer #2

Why do you want to change? Some people say your born with the ‘Gay gene’ but thats just an idea, so in that case it would be almost impossible to change. But if you are attracted to both sexes, than you would be considered bisexual. Just remember that you need to be whatever you want to be, dont change because you want people to stop judging you. ok? I would start with being bisexual though, if you wanna change…

Answer #3

And im not saying I think people are born with the ‘gay gene’. I really have no idea, it doesnt matter to me, I dont judge people…

Answer #4

just get a girlfriend and dont think about men sexually

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