Homework HELP ASAP!!!

I have like 10 pieces of homework due in by tomorrow, but I cant seem to focus enough on one bit, I keep drifting off and looking for destractions so I dont have to do it . . . . does anyone have any tips on how to do homework. are there any foods or things I can do to keep focused and akwake long enough to finish all of my homework

Thanks H xxx

Answer #1

I’m in the same situation and I’d like to know some tips too.

Answer #2

you should go somewhere you aren’t comfortable. like the library. someplace where you just want to go in there, do what you have to do and get out. Stay away from the computer and the tv. stay out of your room because odds are, even if you’re a complete slob, you will have your room clean before you ever even start on your homework.

get a snack like cheerios or crackers… something you can pick at without having to pay a whole lot of attention.

Answer #3

I know how you feel ;)

try a bottle of cold water or sign out of msn (if you have it.) or appear offline. give yourself a reward at the end or something :)

ugh,, I’m distracted right now! >.<

Answer #4

You could try eating fruits and drinking water. If you still get distracted try to let all of your energy out by running outside or something. *I have vacation this week(: But good luck :D

Answer #5

When I was in school (back when the dinosaurs walked the earth), it helped me to listen to music in the background that I was VERY familiar with, especially when doing math and other technical work. This doesn’t work for reading or reading comprehension! :) Snacks that you like also help, and drink lots of water (not soda or juice!) - lack of water can make you funny in the head and make concentration difficult.

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