Where do you do your homework?

i can’t stay in one place more than a week like i’ve down my hw in the pool, jacuzzi, breakfast table, kitchen countertop, dinning table, living room sofa, on the floor, balconies, at the beach, on the roof top, my bed, my closet, the foyer, or i leave a door open and sit there i don’t know i just just can’t stay in the same place

Answer #1

well, im homeschooled so i dont have a bunch of “homework” but i do all of it at my desk. maybe you could get yourself a desk to work at, kinda like at school??

Answer #2

i do it on my bed. i sit on it and i have a mini movable desk. I do it before i go to bed, that way i retain most of the information. Pus everybody is alseep and its quiet so i can focus better.

Answer #3

when i waw still in school, i do my homework in our living room upstairs. I dont like the sight of bed when im doing things as it tempts me to sleep :D

Answer #4

well when i do it its like i tell myself, “I’m almost done, its getting late, i want to sleep. FINISH IT!” then i strike a death blow to my math, I scream “Fatality!” and then game over. i sleep. :)

Answer #5

lol exactly! That’s why i learned my lesson not to do homework in bed. Hehe and i read my answer again, it should be was, not waw LOL

Answer #6

At the Dinning Table,on the stairs(:] sooo comforble!!!),in School……..yupzzz

Answer #7

At the kitchen table or outside in the BBQ area. Always with my laptop close back if I need a study break so my poor, bored mind isn’t being sucked dried reading intriguing (NOT) text books. :-)

Answer #8

I don’t have homework! :D Yay me!

Answer #9

When i was in school I was lucky to have a desk in my room…a long one so my comp was all the way on the other side of it allowing me to do my hw on the opposite side. i could listen to music while doing my algebra…:) The bed had no affect on me cuz of the music…:)

Answer #10

ii D0 minee at h0me.

Answer #11

i have tons of desks its just that i don’t like doing hw in one place for more than a week

Answer #12

I do it in my bedroom right after i get home or i would forget to do it.

Answer #13

I do it in my bedroom right after i get home or i would forget to do it.

Answer #14

On my bed or on the kitchen table :]

Answer #15

Usually on my bed or kitchen table…. I can’t do it at my desk because I’ll be temped to get on the computer!

Answer #16

whereever is available i do it at the kitchen table or in my bedroom at my computer desk or in my bedroom on my bed or in my beanbag or on the bus or in study hall or in the living room sometimes if i dont want to be botherd i take a chair in the bathroom and do it there, i used to do it at dinner but i felt really rude so i stopped

Answer #17

are u not in school? or does ur school just not give it?

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