Is having a home phone necessary or is having a cellphone enough?

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I know a lot of people who just have cell phones. It’s entirely up to you whether you want both a home phone and a cell phone, or just one of the two.

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While it isn’t necessary, having a home phone allows for clearer calls (I find) and a lot less limitations. You don’t have to worry about having reception (in our house there seems to be none), you don’t have to worry about a battery dying fast, you also don’t have to wait for ‘free talk time’ to kick in (usually evenings after 5 or 6pm, some allow weekends). A home phone is there, local calls don’t waste minutes, etc.

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Yes. When you lost your mobile, at least you have this permanent number your family can always contact you. :)

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I think a cell phone and no fixed land-line phone is perfectly adequate. I have lived with such an arrangement for over five years. It has caused no problems and has saved me more than £700 (about US $1100).

Answer #6

i have to have both….

my mobile is used for friends and family and my landline is for companies like south staffs water, i cant stand companies phoning me when im in teh pub or summet.

plus ive lost my phone loads of times and used my landline to find it :p

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For the cost of landline rental, you could buy a new phone every couple of months if you wanted. Have a separate one on PAYG for those incoming business calls - and leave it at home all the time - never get an interruption at the pub.

Use that one also to find a lost mobile, or just buy a new one and transfer the number. Much cheaper in the long run than continually paying dead money into swingeing landline rental charges

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #8

i think havin a home phone is neccasary

Answer #9

my landline is 3 quid a month with free calls between 7pm and 7am and all weekends..

£36 a year is nothing :p

Answer #10

Wow !

who is your landline service provider? and can you get that deal without being tied in to other compulsory packages ?

Answer #11

i think there both necessary cause what if you dont want to give your cell number out to someone you can always give them ur house number. and what if ur cell phone dies and your waitin for an important call an u dont have a charger by you.

Answer #12

virgin and no youve gotto have neally everything with them to get it down to that. i think their standard is about 12 quid.

the package im on isnt even on their site i dont think… :S

it is, or it was a package that went from word of mouth to family and friends :)

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