how can home accidents with fire arms be prevented?

Answer #1

Easy make sure there are none at home! No possible way it can ever happen accident prevented case closed!

Answer #2

Keep trigger locks on, keep them unloaded at home, lock them in a proper gun case.. and never point one at a person!

just use common sense :)

Answer #3

Fire arms are supposed to be locked away in a safe when they are not in use. If they are properly locked away, home accidents should not really happen. If someone should take the firearm out of the storage place, the firearm should always have an additional safety lock on the actual firearm that prevents it from going off. All of the ones I know of have one.

All locks should be utilized at all times when not in use.

Answer #4

LOL :)

Answer #5

I always have a better sense of humor when I am so tired but cant make myself leave :P Dont mind me…:P

Answer #6

I believe that the only people that should have firearms are police office,people who live in the country and may need to defend their livestock against predators and those who hunt to feed their family. Guns should always be locked up securely, bullets removed, triggers locked. The best way to prevent accidents is to never have one in the house.

Answer #7

Correct, no guns = no accidents, but I guess that this is not (in general) the USA mentality….

Answer #8

I’m exactly the same right now. It’s 3:50am and I should be asleep. But I can’t gooooooo :( aha

Answer #9

lmfao…funny how the most fun occurs when I have to log…all day it is so boring…when I peek in from time to time…:P

Answer #10


it is all in the teaching about guns- if you are properly taught and you respect what the firearm can do- there will be no accidents.i demonstrate to kids what that bullet from a gun can do to a melon or something similiar to show the destructive capability of a bullet.

i own about 20 firearms and i am as safe as can be, firearms are not toys and should never be played with, that should be instilled in children within the household, i do agree that ammunition and firearms should be stored seperately- but it all boils down to being responsible and properly trained.

i live in a small country town- i am an EMT as well, and i have never heard of any accidents in my area. people here realize firearms are tools for hunting and self defense and anyone coming into contact with those firearms knows what can possibly happen.

firearms should be kept out of the hands of CRIMINALS and GANSTERS who play and flaunt their firearms pretending they are in the old west or something- ganster/ firearm behaviour is totally irresponsible and should be the target of disarming, not ordinary LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.

Answer #11

How about some common sense? Just make sure the weapon isn’t loaded when it isn’t in use. this includes making sure there aren’t any bullets in the chamber after you remove the magazine in some (most) cases. When it is in use make sure the handler at no point in time EVER points the gun towards another individual or anything you dont want to shoot. Also make sure the safety is on all the time, from the time you take it out of the case or safe or whatever it should already be on, and in order to be “safe” should be left on until the handler’s ready to fire. But keep in mind that the safety is just a mechanism, and mechanisms malfunction all the time so make sure you’re always cautious of where you point it regardless of whether the safety is on or not.

Answer #12

Firearm education and common since. Parents need to teach their kids about firearms.
Growing up there was 3 rifles (one of which was mine) and a pistole in my parents closet with the magazines for every firearm fully loaded. The firearm just had to be cocked, and it was ready to kill.
But has there ever been a firearm accident in my family? NO. Because my parents where careful to show me, and my 3 younger siblings, what firearms could do. At the age of 6 my dad showed me the deer he had shot, and I put my fist into a hole in the side of it and asked my dad what had caused that. He replied “Thats where I shot it”. That is an extremely powerful lesson for a 6 year old. I may not have been able to fully grasp death at the time, but a 4” diameter hole had a bit impact on me. I was taught from a young age proper firearm handling, and edict - and so where all 3 of my younger siblings, including the youngest my sister. So I fully believe in keeping fully loaded firearms in the house. I keep my rifle not only for hunting but for defense of myself and my property. And locked away firearm with the ammo in a different room is useless for home defense.

Answer #13

Look my stepdad has two loaded firearms by his head every night. However I do not condone this it is a perfect example of “If your responsible “accidents” won’t happen” Its respect to the firearms.

Answer #14

True true, guns dont kill people. idiots do.

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