What is a homaphrodite?

I’m not about the spelling

Answer #1

basicaly someone who has both man and female reproductive organs

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Answer #3

it is a person who to varying extents has the reproductive systems of both a male & a female this has recently caused some commotion in athletics when a south african female runner who was breaking all kind of records had to undergo “tests” to determine if she really should be competing as a woman… she looks, talks & walks like a guy but was born and feels like a woman tests proved that she actually producing a LOT of testosterone which if she had been injesting artificially would have been grounds for several life bans. she is a woman who also has testes in her abdomen. Some are born with both genetalia & then doctors will then retain the more viable of the two or let the child grow so they can be sure which sex the child really is

Answer #4

someome who was born with both male and female genetalia

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Hermaphrodites are born with both male and female reproductive organs.

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^gooood answer

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