Hollister, abercrobie and fitch?

What do they sell exactly in these shops? I heard hollister sells punky stuff but what do the exactly sell?

Answer #1

not punky at all. hollister sells californian types of clothes and abercrombie sells new york types of clothes. they’re owned by the same company. most would classify them as preppy. I think their clothes are cute.

go to www.hollister.com and www.abercrombie.com to see their clothes.

Answer #2

Oh. Okay. Well yeah, they’re American, and just expensive. Try checking out they’re sites. Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is probably the most popular. :)

Answer #3

cool, cheers

Answer #4

they are stores that sell clothes for pepole that are super skinny, they dont have clothes to fit you unless you r a size 6 or xtra small!!! those stores are a waste of precious time!!!

Answer #5

to fcukingfresh, neva been to america…but I want to. im from australia so yeah. you probz havent heard of supre, jay jays and myer-same trhing (btw supre is a slut shop, jay jays every1 wears and is annoying and myer is for richie rich) yeah

Answer #6

not at all.. but are created by the same owner so basically the same clothes

  1. A&F- is more preppy to me. with collared shirts and short denim skirts… I thout I ddnt like the clothes but when you go in you get this weird feeling and just fall and luv with there clothes… I don’t know why mayb its bc of the smell

  2. h&co is more beach preppy. clothes are cheaper than hollister but kinda the same idea..

4 sum reason it feels bettr to wear a shirt with a moose on it than a bird… lol

Answer #7

You can buy larger sizes online, don’t be so harsh! :P

Answer #8

They’re all expensive, trendy, and everyone know’s what they are.

Answer #9

They sell preppy stuff.

Answer #10

lol I live in australia so I’ve never heard of these shops.

Answer #11

I think that their clothes look more like things from the beach instead of punk, but its mostly shirts, jeans, and bags just regular clothes that are really cute

Answer #12

there more california beach than punk; youve never been to hollister? wow

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