How many holes does a girls vagina have?

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Two I think.
The one where she pees and the one where intercorse and birth happens.

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Which ones which?

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I don't like doing this but literally, just google image vagina and you'll have a variety of diagrams that can explain to you every part of a vagina. If you google it with safesearch on moderate the 4th image is very informative. I'd post a link but it's graphic, and could be deleted. So I'ma just say google it.

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A girl's vagina is a hole itself. If you are referring to a girls genitals in general then she has 3 holes. The first (the top one if she were lying face up and you were looking) is her urethra which is where she pees from. The second is her vagina, which is where menstrual blood leaves and the hole used for sex. The third (bottom one) is her anus, which is quite a bit lower down, not inside the labia which covers the other two (the two flaps of skin on either side). This is where she would poo from.

Inside the vagina is like a long passage and there is a small opening at the top, internal end, which is a tiny hole itself. This is her cervix and is the point between the vaginal passage and her womb. This gets bigger at times to let menstrual blood escape or let a baby come out, but is so small usually that nothing that is inserted in the vagina could go through it.

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Look at the best answer. She describes it very well.

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Vagina has 2 holes, Anus is not a part of the vagina.

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4. they are known as the 4 holes of the apocalyspe

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If you are asking this when you can just google it, there is a hole in your brain.

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