Who and why did they hit the twin towers both in 93 and 01?

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this is all you need to know.. because the people who did it have alot of issues.

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did the same people hit it in both 93 (with the bus on the bottom floor) and 01 with both towers and planes? and how did people survive?

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ummn thats allot of reading >.>

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…google it. im 16 i dont pay attetnion to this crap lol, or theres this texting service that answers ANY QUESTIONS. its 242-242 and it deosnt have a monthly charge or any kind of charge infact.

hope i helped!

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if you want to know the answers, then read, its not long at all, its a very delicate subject & cant be summed up in 2 sentences.

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i read the top part

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As much I know,it was planned by Osama bin laden,and there were people sent by him to USA for training on how to fly the jet,there were 19 hijackers and the main one was Atta,their head. Four jet,two hitted the twin towers,one hitter the pentagon and one was crashed in between on plain land which could have crashed into white house but it didn’t. I don’t know the main reason but Osama was jealous of USA because of it’s power and money.There is one more reason which I don’t know exactly.they also do this because they want to show people and want fear towards them so America can fulfill their demands.

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thank you

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Coolcat43, he asked his question on FunAdvice to get answers….so he wouldn’t have to search it on Google. By telling him to use the texting service…you are basically telling him not to ask FunAdvice, and to ask another source.

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Also,after this America wanted Osama bin laden,he was wanted,but he was hiding in the mountains os Afghanistan which made this very difficult for Americans.

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Angelee27, ummn im a she

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lol i was just trying to help…sorrry YOU dont aprove

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wait is he dead? if not is he hiding? did we captuer him?

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its all good ppls

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Sorry curiousity97, lol…Should have looked at your profile. :)

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Coolkat43, it’s not that I don’t approve. It’s written in the ToU, that you were supposed to read, and agree to before signing up.

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Watch this video and it might just clear up some questions you already have and pose some new questions as well.

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he’s been dead for a couple years now..but the scary thing is he said ‘we will not rest untill your kind suffers what you deserve’ before he deid,

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