how is a hip piercing done?

i want to know because i want some more knowledge on i before i have it done, what kind of needles will be used etc?

Answer #1

I dont know the exact sizing of a hip piercing needle (i dont dont see why your asking that unless you were trying to do this at home, which is very stupid). A hip piercing is a surface piercing though, your skin will be pinched by a clamp, the needle gets shoved through, then the jewelry gets put in. Same as any other piercing. Surface piercings are very hard to maintain, get infected easily, and reject after a couple of months. A hip dermal is better permanant option, i would suggest doing research on those instead. Also, realize most tattoo/piercing parlors wont do a surface piercing on anyone under 18 even with parental consent because they are so unreliable and cause problems.

Answer #2

they use a 14 gauge needle i believe

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