How can i get the hint across that i want some makeup for christmas?

Answer #1

Say that you want make-up for Xmas, stick a page from a magazine that has the make-up you want on it on the fridge with a magnet, hint at it to your parents.

Answer #2

Why don’t you be honest with them and explain that you don’t want them to waste money on things that you may not necessarily want. Then explain in a nice way (not spoilt brat like manner ;) ) that you would really appreciate some make up. :)

Answer #3

oldest trick in the book…say that perhaps this year instead of guessing what everyone wants each gets to ask for 1 thing they really want… have all write it on a piece of paper, mush it up so no one see’s who wrote what…and hv someone put in a bowl or in a hat or smth…then according to the circle u guys are in…each chooses. Have to buy what ever u got…and then exchange on x-mas. Fun, and you actually get what you want but no one really knows who wrote what til its already there!:P

hope that helps.

Answer #4

tell your parents you want to start wearing make up.

Answer #5

If you don’t want to just come out and say it, maybe find a picture of someone wearing the type of make-up you might want and saying something like “Hey, mom, isn’t so-and-so really pretty here? I really like her eye make-up (or whatever you want). Do you think I could pull off that look if I had the right type of eye shadow and mascara?”

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