Why has their been just a hike in gas prices?

they went up 35 cents over night, and why do we not get warning when that is going to happen?

Answer #1

Fuel prices go on the current day to day world wide market. It fluctuates daily, it’s unpredicatble. Therefore it’s annoying.

Answer #2

two reason - gas prices fluctuate daily and because its getting close to Christmas and lots of people will be traveling and the gas stations always increase their prices during holidays so they an soak everyone for more money.

Answer #3

I understand bout the holidays and gas goin up but 35 cents is outrageous, that’s just my opinion

Answer #4

I’m not sure when it’s done, but the switch from “summer mix” fuel to “winter mix” fuel must have been sometime recent. Winter mix is always more expensive.

Answer #5

Unfortunately, it always happens around this time of the year. The petrol companies are robbers who know we will pay anyting to keep our motors on the road. Here, the price of gas (for motors that run on LP Gas) has risen substantially, and petrol prices have also risen. Yesterday, 97 Octane petrol was over $1.51 a litre and, from memory 91 Octane was about $1.36.

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