Highschool tips for freshman???

Okay school is gonna start next week and im gonna be a freshmen :o im excited but very scared. Im not the popular type nor the nerdy. Im just me but im still really scared .

Any tips ? Anythings yu which you knew before you got into highschool ? Anything really ?? Please

Answer #1

you know high school will be fun

Answer #2

highschool is going to be so much fun but also kinda sucks at the same time. tips? -STAY ORGANIZED! dont turn in late how, study for your tests, file all your papers somewhere -CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY. so many kids get mixed up in the wrong crowd and end up doing really stupid things. so make sure you have friends thatll have your back and are ACTUALLY your friends

  • if you have an a-day b-day schedule its helpful to have an A-day backpack and a B-day backpack that way youll never forget your stuff… just make sure to grab the right backpack -STUDY STUDY STUDY but have fun at the same time. actually study for your tests and quizzes but dont let that consume your years in highschool. keep a good balance. but remember grades DO count freshman year as much as junior or any other year. dont have any regrets later on about your grades as a freshman. -GET INVOLVED. clubs, sports, fine arts, anything. get involved in groups. it helps with making friends and as an added bonus it always looks good. -DONT FORGET SERVICE HOURS. and write them down. im not saying the only reason you help out your community is to put it on your resume but it does help. dont wait till the last minute. -DONT PROCRASTINATE especially for projects. maybe make a calendar or set dates when you work on it and do it little by little. -BE CALM everything will be fine. youre going to have so much fun in highschool!
Answer #3

stay organized, focus in class, do not have sex because some one dares you or you think other people are, same for drugs smoking all that bad stuff. follow with the lastest trends, even start your own, join groups, band, chorus, sports, theater, stuff like that, study, get into a good group of friends, none that are gonna make you do things you dont want. none that you cant count on, set up a good locker schedule so you arent carrying around a lot of books and you dont have to rush in between class, introduce yourself to people…just get out there and let people know you are nice and dont care what people think about you…dont try to follow other people either be your own person.

Answer #4

-make sure you can open your locker and talk to someone if you can’t. -stay organized!!! it will help you tremendously!!! -ask for help if you need it. don’t be afraid of asking for help!!! -find a friend in every class! it will make the class so much easier. -don’t take it personally if an upperclassman treats you poorly. it’s wired into their brains. -don’t miss an event that you will end up regretting missing later. (homecoming game for example) -most of all: just have fun!!!

good luck!!! :)

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