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My talent show is coming up and I need ideas. I want sontthing I can sing so not rap or something and preferibably sung by a female. I want it to be up tempo and sorta new or classic oldies. Any ideas?

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love story by taylor swift. me and a friend did it last year. I dresses up like juliet and she dressed up like romeo. it was awesome!!!

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you could sing "Our Song" by Taylor Swift. its up beat and a really good song.

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It's not a classic oldy or sung by a girl, but you could sing Lollipop by Mika...

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I think you should sing a song you wrote and pick your own music so you can be creative

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a thousand miles by vanessa carlton
Bubbly by colbie calliat
natasha bedingfeild

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it really depends on if your voice is high or low pitched, go sing song with your family and ask them what they like better. It's really what you want to sing and no one else.

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you should sing eyery time we touch by casacade itd b awsome

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Umm, im in the same situation, but some answers I got were also Walking on sunshine by Aly and Aj.. or maybe Superhuman by chris brown, or so sick by any-yo ..

Depends on yer voice I guess,,, good luck!

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