Can you get high from body spray such as axe?

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if its an aresol can then i think u can. u just wrap a towel arounf the top of the can and spray it in uer mouth. its like freon

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not good for u tho. can freeze ur lungs.

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Yes, it can dramatically alter blood oxygen concentration if you allow yourself to breathe too much of it at high concentrations in an unventilated space. I know cases of people doing this who have killed themselves using similar products.

I do not think it was specifically "Axe", but that is irrelevant. Please only use the produce in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, and do not attempt to use it as though "glue sniffing" - another stupid trick that is also potentially fatal.
Best wishes - Majikthise.

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yes... because it has the gas which is in liquid form which turns into gas when it releases basically they are toxic so some do get high....

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Yup... I know two people that died from doing that. Don't try it!

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