How does one hide their emotions, create and maintain a stoic mask?

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By pouring your emotions into something like a diary, so that you do not have them building up, but no-one else can see them. It's not always the best option but if it is something someone wants to do then its great :)

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Wrighting, punching something when they feel like to much inside, reading books that are similar to your feelings so you get that feeling that you are not alone. You can have a stuffed animal to talk to, to get it all out on, it won't talk back nor say anathing.
But hidding emotions won't do you any good, you will just end up feeling worser about things.
How about getting a good friend to talk to or a someone that you know won't make you feel alone?

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I'm not good at opening up to people, it's weird talking about feelings. I do read books, though lately I'm running out of fresh material. Any good suggestions?

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close your eyes...

Is it bad that I sometimes cant control my emotions?

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close your eyes...

Does anyone have a difficult time getting emotions out?
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close your eyes...

How can I hide that I cut from my parents?

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You suggest an emotional outlet...i'll try it for awhile, see if it helps but I'm kind of looking for ways conceal emotions, I don't want pepole seeing my amusement, or sorrow or anger. I should have phrased the question differently but I'm not quite sure how. :P

Venting emotions in a healthy way?
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...why did you post this three times?

How is phlegm created?

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i havent a clue i posted once but it happening for everythin sorry

Is it possible to maintain my weight after the flu?
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i havent a clue i posted once but it happening for everythin sorry

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:P it's alright

how can i stop being so emotional?
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Practise watching hillarious videos and don't laugh, that could hide amusement, thinking about happy thoughts when you feel sad, and breathing always helps for anger

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Yeah its understandable, feelings can be no fun.
Um... I read this amazing book called The ussual rules.
It was a perty deep book, just by reading it I was craying 3 days straight.
Others i can think of are:
Cadyfloss-by Jacqueline Wilson.
Deep down popular-by Phoebe Stone.
The end of forever-by Lurlene McDaniel.
Double dutch-by Sharon M. Draper.
Things hoped for-by Andrew Clements.
Schooled-by Gordon Korman.
Light on snow-by Anita Shreve
Esperanza rising-by Pam Muños Ryan
Models don't eat chocolate cookies-by Erin Dionne
The wild girls-by Pat Murphy
Rules-by Cynthia Lord
Just some I can think of, they have been perty good books and are a bit deep.

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I think you should write about it
Take on a contat sport. Soccer,FootBall,KickBoxing,MixFighting)
music....O.o like playing a Gutair or Bass (I've been playing the cello snice I was in the 5th grade,..It clams me so I don't have to smack a b**** :] )
Church A GOOD CHURCH (-.- I hate my Church)
Reading book that has something to do with your issuse or something you can relate too. (Like im read the Drama High books, it's about a African girl that goes to a mainly White rich school....I thats pretty much my life, but theirs a girl from South Africa im friends with so im not lonely :] )
iPODs!!!!! Amen.

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what i do to get rid of them is to write a letter to them but do not send it and then ignite a match and burn it until its ash it helps a lot for me and nobody knows

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thank you, thats exactly what i'm looking for

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Thanks, I haven't even heard of most of these but I'll look them up

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Interesting, I think I'll try that as well, thanks

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Learning Guitar would be entertaining, no church though. Highschool is a struggle, I'd never been a minority until I moved to Cali and went to 75% Asian populated school, it was quite a shock but I now have more respect for minorities who attend mostly Caucasian schools.

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