Do I have a bladder infection or am I pregnant?

The first day of my last period was on July 21st and my period is regular, which lasts 6 days.. I had unprotected sex all of those days and then frequently after.. The past 4 days I had unprotected sex 6 times.. I’ve been having funny feelings in my stomach right where my belly button is and sometimes like right above my hip bones, one night I woke up at 3 in the morning with a pain in my side that made me curl up in a ball. and I’ve been having like hot flashes and I’ve been extremly moody.. Im very bloated and it constantly feels like I have something in my stomach… the “pain” in my stomach is not nessecarily a pain but it’s just an annoying feeling.. also I’ve been having to pee a lot, and I think I have a bladder infection.. could all of these symptoms result from the bladder infection or is it more likely for me to be pregnant?

Answer #1

I was diagnosed tuesday with a water infection I was weeing blood and I was gave tablets to take to ease the pain they didnt work I to the doctors they gave me other tablets they seem to be working but I have tinggly pains as such in my stomach behind belly button and strange feelings down below. I have been off the pill for 2 months now and we are trying for a baby could I be pregnant or is it just a “water infection”? x

Answer #2

I am actually trying to figure out if I am pregnent! and I came across this, I think you 2 should do a pregnancy test! I wud b shockd if you had a bladder infection but in sayin that im not a doctor. but I have the same symptoms and I don’t have a bladder infection. well I wish you and others good luck in trying 2 work out it all and hope that it all is good news thnx, katherine.

Answer #3

Wow, I have exactly the same symptoms… It started with a niggly pain about a cm away from my hip bone, but until the other day I didn’t need to pee a lot, but that was because I was letting myself get dehydrated, since I’ve been drinking more, (about 3/4 pints a day) I’ve been peeing loads. I was diagnosed on Monday evening with a bladder infection. The nurse practitioner at my local minor injuries unit did a dip test on a urine sample and I had nitrites and leukocytes in my sample. There was no blood or protein. She gave me Trimethroprim to take 2 of a day, she also said to take them for 7 days instead of the usual 3/5 days because of my raised temperature she thought it could be on my way to my kidneys. I’ve been taking the medication as directed since Monday night, the NP, said that I should start to notice them working (IE pain easing etc) within 48 hours. Although I don’t feel as hot as I did the other day, I am still getting the niggly pain and soreness (my old c-section scar occassionally feels like something is pushing on it) around the whole area below my belly button and in my hip and groin area. It’s not as often as it was before though.

Does anyone know roughly how long it takes before the pain eases?

Thanks in Advance :)

Answer #4

yeah you should get a pregnancy test but I think it’s a bladder infection either way go see your doctor

Answer #5

It could be either or my best bet for u is to take a pregnency test…n if that ends up bein negative i would go see ur doctor.

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